Gaëtanne Sylvester

Ceramics, digital images and installations

My fascination with history and genetics led me to research the history of lace production and discover some interesting facts about my own ancestry, which in turn, led me to realize how little we know of the women who emigrated to this country, worked quietly and diligently. My work highlights their enterprising resilience, while it celebrates the sheer power of our survival instincts. I use lace as metaphor for genetics because of its delicate linear intricacies, and its visual reference to our organic existence. I am alluding to precious metaphorical cargo; a promise of new life, new beginnings, new discoveries, assuring the survival of the feminine and the masculine.

Gaëtanne Sylvester graduated with a BFA from University of Waterloo in 1990. Since moving to Winnipeg, she has pursued research into the beginning of life, fertility, femininity, genetics, in her chosen media, clay, printmaking and installation, exhibiting locally, nationally and abroad. She is member of MAWA, MCC, MPA, MDA.


Terrainamenage Managed TerrainLiving MatterBateauberceau Vessel Cradle 

Terrainamenage Managed Terrain Living Matter Bateauberceau Vessel Cradle