Installations Gallery

  1. The Center of Being 1997
    Craftspace Gallery 20' diameter Earthenware, Stains, Glazes
  2. Womb Chamber 2003
    St. Norbert Art Cemtre 10'x10' Earthenware, Stains, Glazes, Bubble Pack, Water Feature, Silkscreen Positives.
  3. Leonardo, from Du commencement series, 2001
    Maison des artistes Photocopies of Black and White photos and Reproductions of Masters
  4. Noir et blanc/Black and White 2004
    Maison des artistes 10' diameter Cast Paper, Fabric, Black and White Photo column of Mothers
  5. Le Point centrale/The Central Point 2007
    Musée des Maîtres et artisans, Montréal Smoke-fired ceramic, incised plywood, leather cord. 10' diameter
  6. Solid Sheathe\Gaine solide, 2013
    6' by 6' Earthenware, stains, glaze, and cotton cord
    Threads, connected threads. Threads of identity and inter-dependence. Solid Sheathe, a cover, symbolizing the support and comfort of communities.
  7. The Sum of what we are 2013
    Each box 2.5" by 4.5" Earthenware, glaze, archival digital print
    Early pioneers brought very few possessions to this country, but most brought a linen chest filled with family treasures, photos, fabric including hand-made lace. The cell-like structure of lace metaphorically delineates our genetic, cultural and spiritual heredity. The chests contain the sum of what we are, what inspires us and sustains us.
  8. Vessel/Cradle - Berceau/Vaisseau 2012
    12' by 3' Earthenware, glaze
  9. Vessel/Cradle-Berceau/Vaisseau, detail
    Large boat 13"long by 7.5" wide by 18" high
    Vessel/Cradle - Berceau/Vaisseau functions as metaphor for all that is unseen, the invisible force steering the mind, body, spirit. The vessel, associated here with the masculine, supports, protects, transports, while the cradle, associated with the feminine and the place of origin, nurtures, sustains. The vessel’s hull guards, while the lid/sail nurtures.
  10. She/Elle series 2011
    Earthenware with embedded doily, stains
    Homage to the faceless women of our past who have gone unrecognized during the centuries. They toiled mostly in the background. Generations of Canadians would be impoverished without their passion, conviction, nurturing and devotion.